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Our company started on August 1, 1979. Milton Hahn, Sr.  and James F. Filby, Jr. Became partners on that day and set out on an adventure that would last for them more than 35 years. The firm was part of a Franchised organization from 1979 until 2006, and at that time there was no need to continue with a top down structure. It was long passed time to do things on their own and they have been very happy about that decision ever since.

While Milton Hahn is no longer with us, he brought many years of accounting and tax expertise to the table and continued through the 2013 tax season. Jim Filby brought many years as both an independent business person and a professional business counselor when they decided to form their partnership. He separated from the company to take over another business in the late 1990’s and is semi retired, living in Florida with his wife Lois.  

Mission Statement

We expect our relationship with each client to be based on honesty and trust. We will endeavor to assist our client in attaining greater profitability and financial stability through professional business counseling. Our guidance is based on timely financial management reports that we prepare each accounting period, from source documents provided by our client. We will prepare accurate income tax returns that we will stand behind;  and look for every legal savings to reduce our client's tax liability. We will strive to keep our cost down so that we can offer our services at a competitive price.

We believe that with service comes responsibility. Our goal is a long term relationship with each client, regardless of the level of service required. We take a personal interest in each of our clients and know that their success is tied directly to our continued success.

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Chris Filby

Chris is the son of Jim Filby He has been with us since April of 1986. His primary role until the last several years has been that of  Business Counselor. He has worked with clients over that time as well as prepared income taxes during the tax season. More recently his responsibilities have increased and with the passing of  Milton Hahn Sr he has taken over the firm and the role of sole Tax Preparer for now.  

Hilda Dixon

Hilda is our office manager and has been with us since April of 1985. She keeps the trains running on time, and does most of the bookkeeping. Hilda has worked in and out of the office over the time she’s been with us, and has been our office manager since 1999. She’s always been a major part of our operation.

Sharee Gates

Sharee is our Payroll Specialist and has been with us since May of 2005. She manages our payroll service and does the data entry required to generate financial statements, and related accounting duties. Sharee is a graduate of Marymount University in Arlington, VA and a mother of 4 all born on April the 15th.


Business Counseling, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparation